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5055 Standard components


  • Generously-dimensioned canopy with rear screen for weather protection, ROPS/FOPS-certified.
  • Mechanically-sprung driver's seat (ISO 7096) with automatic seatbelt and three-way adjustment (weight, backrest and depth)

Joystick console

  • Ergonomic pilot control console: Joystick with mechanical pilot control to raise/lower the boom and in/out tilting, and a toggle switch to select the driving direction. Third control circuit with mechanical pilot control (with a locking position for continuous operation) to lock/unlock the quick hitch plate and operate the hydraulic attachments.

Instrument panel

  • Clearly laid-out instrument panel with control lights and ergonomically arranged toggle switches

Power supply

  • 12V electric socket


  • rear lights, brake light, indicator, 2x front headlights with high beam and side lights

Engine cover

  • Opens wide for optimal maintenance access

Engine air supply

  • Via cyclone air filter with integrated safety cartridge

Locking system

  • One-key system to unlock doors, engine cover and fuel tank

Please note: Equipment and optional features may vary from country to country.

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