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5055 Options


  • Soundproof, vibration damped, 4-point suspension cab with large, deep windows and heat insulation glazing (ROPS/FOPS-certified). A variety of storage facilities. 
  • Driver's seat: Mechanically-sprung driver's seat with automatic seatbelt and three-way adjustment (weight, backrest and depth)
  • Heating, ventilation: Easy to operate, powerful heater/ventilator with 3 settings.
  • Sun visor, wipers: front and rear
  • Rearview mirrors: Large outside mirrors on both sides, hinged with locking mechanism
  • Cab lights
  • Side window can be locked in either ventilation/communication or fully opened position
  • Door: Fully glazed, lockable at 180°
  • Glazing: Large heat insulation glazing
  • Floor mat: The custom floor mat is level with the frame

Cab - optional features

  • FOPS II protective grille
  • Radio
  • 1 additional rear working headlight
  • Rear windscreen heating
  • Air-sprung driver’s seat
  • Rotary beacon
  • 2 front working headlights 
  • Air-conditioning
  • Document box

Performance Options

  • Float position
  • Inching control and hand throttle
  • Non-pressurised return flow with drain line
  • Load stabilizer
  • Trailer systems
  • Electric socket for front and rear tool attachments
  • Engine with higher capacity
  • Hydraulic auxiliary control circuit
  • Powerflow high-performance hydraulic system


  • Fuel, engine and hydraulic oil


  • Wide tires (direction-independent)
  • Tractor tire profile
  • Off-road tires
  • Industrial tires
  • Puncture protection
  • Foam-filled tires

Safety & Security

  • Pipe break protection for the lifting and tipping cylinders
  • Cover for moving engine parts
  • Toolkit
  • Engine immobilizer
  • Reversing warning system
  • Protection against aggressive substances
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Warning strips, according to DIN 30710
  • Rotary beacon


  • Overdrive 0 – 30 km/h

Custom paint finish:  yes

Bio-oil: PANOLIN HLP Synth4

Please note: Equipment and optional features may vary from country to country.