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Nuestras historias de éxito

Wacker Neuson está presente en todo el mundo, en diversas regiones, países y culturas, y en distintas industrias. Esta diversidad también se refleja en nuestros clientes, sus aplicaciones y los requisitos que se exigen a Wacker Neuson. Nuestras historias de éxito muestran cómo los clientes superan a diario sus desafíos y cómo Wacker Neuson les apoya conforme al espíritu del lema «all it takes!».

Descubra más acerca de nuestras historias de éxito en todo el mundo: «Wacker Neuson - all it takes!» desde la perspectiva de nuestros clientes.

Alemania: diseño de jardines con vista a los Alpes

HOFFMANN-Gärten® es una joven compañía de Arquitectura de parques y jardines establecida en Walchensee. Fundada por Roland Hoffmann en 2001, la compañía cuenta actualmente con ocho empleados. La compañía se ha especializado en jardines destinados a clientes exigentes en el sur de Baviera. Para su nueva arquitectura de jardines, Roland Hoffmann confía en las máquinas de Wacker Neuson. Con Wacker Neuson, Roland Hoffmann entró en contacto con el distribuidor PUS Baumaschinen, que tiene su sede en Farchant.

"PUS me convenció no solo con las máquinas, sino también con el servicio de primera de Wacker Neuson."

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  • Success Story from Germany

    Gardening and landscaping company HOFFMANN-Gärten®

    Roland Hoffmann and his team have been in operation in Murnau for around six months. After the core renovation of their house, the owners wanted a new garden. They put the implementation into the hands of Roland Hoffmann.

    On the construction site of the terraced garden, the compact telescopic loader TH412 and the mobile excavator EW65 are used to transport perennials and trees. The ET18 chain excavator is excavating the plant holes.

    When the a whole truck full of shrubs and trees arrives, things have to go fast. With the TH412 telescopic loader with a lifting height of up to 4.5 meters and a maximum payload of more than a ton, the plants can be unloaded from the truck. easily. "This saves us a lot of time and real bone work," says Roland Hoffmann. "The telescopic loader is still far from its load limit."

    In a next step, the team is preparing the holes for planting with the excavator ET18. The VDS option for Wacker Neuson compact excavators, which compensates differences in height on uneven terrain at the push of a button, is the ideal solution for increased productivity and efficiency. "Right here in the mountains, we have many construction sites on the slope. We have an excavator with VDS and one without. For all construction sites with gradients, we always plan the ET18 with VDS from the outset, "adds Roland Hoffmann.

    The fence of the garden was already installed a few days ago. Thanks to the reach of the 6.5-ton EW65 mobile excavator, the transport of the trees into the garden is no problem. With a cultivation and lifting tool, small trees and shrubs are simply lifted over the fence. Not only does the Wacker Neuson mobile excavator EW65 prove to be extremely practical here. One day working in Murnau, in the afternoon it can travel to the next construction site on its own axis at around 30 km/h.

    "Wacker Neuson has many machines that I need for my daily work in gardening and landscaping. This starts with cutters and goes up to the excavators. The reliability and serviceability of the machines and the price / performance ratio convinced us. And also the fast support from my local dealer works very well ", says Roland Hoffmann.

China: Aprecio por la ingeniería alemana

El joven contratista Wang Wei ha trabajado durante seis años en la industria de la construcción. Adquirió su primera excavadora en septiembre de 2015, el modelo EZ17, la más pequeña con sobresaliente nula Zero Tail que ofrece Wacker Neuson.

"El distribuidor de Wacker Neuson que nos corresponde se ocupa siempre de nuestras necesidades. Es fiable y siempre encuentra una solución adecuada."

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  • Success story from China

    Customers and dealers from the province of Shandong, China

    In September 2015, Wang Wei purchased his first excavator, an EZ17 from Wacker Neuson, and started his own contractor business. The machine has now run for 1,700 hours and Wang Wei is still very satisfied: “I chose the EZ17, because it is powerful, fast and flexible in application and I can work efficiently in the smallest of spaces. I can thus do any job." He adds: "The price is somewhat higher compared to other providers. But the investment was worth it due to the very good quality and efficiency of the machine."

    Wang Wei also praised the dealer service. "I am very satisfied. My contact partner at the dealer helps me to be successful." The exclusive Wacker Neuson dealer for excavators in the province of Shandong is Shandong Nuosen Machinery Co. Ltd. "What convinced me personally are the strengths of Wacker Neuson with regard to technology and engineering. Together with the high quality of the products, it is a great competitive advantage," says Li Chen, managing director of the company. "In addition, we are very happy with the operational co-operation. The training meets our needs and if there are problems, they are taken care of quickly."

    Wacker Neuson customer Sun Hongye has been working for the city administration of Tianqiao as a team leader in road and highway construction for over nine years. In his team, there are over 100 workers who use vibratory plates, rammers and rollers from Wacker Neuson in order to maintain the city's roads. His company has been using equipment from Wacker Neuson for four years, which has in particular paid off under the high work load. "After we compared many products on the market, I chose Wacker Neuson. The high quality and the reliable operation convinced me," explains Sun Hongye. "We are now very efficient and do not have to stop work due to machine breakdowns. In addition, the machines are very easy to operate and maintain and they have a long service life."

    Customers of Wacker Neuson in China receive what they expect from a German brand: quality and reliability of products and services rendered. This in particular includes the comprehensive support from Wacker Neuson and its dealers. "The customer is always at the forefront. Only if we respond quickly our customers can complete their projects in the expected time and quality. And that is always our goal," concludes Gary Tian.

Sudáfrica: el mejor y más rentable equipo del mercado

Wacker Neuson Sudáfrica ha suministrado más de 55 máquinas a un cliente clave, Catmech, que está extremadamente impresionado por la fiabilidad, la versatilidad y la facilidad de uso de los equipos.

«Wacker Neuson me ha suministrado el mejor y más rentable equipo que he tenido, y realmente está dispuesto a esforzarse como un proveedor comprometido».

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  • Success story from South Africa

    Plant equipment hiring company Catmech from South Africa

    Catmech, a leading plant equipment hiring company based in Gauteng, South Africa, was initially established in 1990 to repair machines for customers. “We decided to start the plant hire when we recognised the market potential for hiring compact and light equipment,” explains Sean van Heerden, owner of Catmech Plant & Services.

    With construction as the hiring company’s core industry, typical machines required by Catmech customers in this market segment include wheel loaders, excavators, concrete breakers and compaction equipment.

    When Wacker Neuson was first introduced to Catmech a couple of years ago, Sean decided to try out the Wacker Neuson product. “My customers were initially reticent to try out a new product but after experiencing the versatility and user-friendliness of the Wacker Neuson machines, they were sold!”

    Catmech’s current Wacker Neuson fleet of over 55 machines include wheel loaders, excavators, rammers, plates and rollers. “Wacker Neuson is willing to go the extra mile”

    Sean is particularly impressed by the unique features offered by the Wacker Neuson equipment and he highlights the unique VDS (vertical digging system) available on the excavators. The VDS adds to the excavator’s versatility and can lead to substantial savings in material and time for the end-user by enabling progressive tilting of the machine by up to 15° to compensate for slopes.

    Wrapping up, Sean says that in addition to the fact that Wacker Neuson equipment has zero breakdowns and is easy to maintain, the company provides excellent after-sale service and has a quick response time to all customers. “Wacker Neuson is the best, cost effective piece of equipment I’ve had and they are truly willing to go the extra mile as a committed supplier.”

Alemania: impresionado por los productos y el servicio

Arthur Bogatzki GmbH & Co. KG es una empresa de construcción de carreteras y obras civiles con sede en Münster, Alemania. Fue fundada por Arthur Bogatzki en 1935, cuando era un joven arquitecto de carreteras. Hoy en día es la tercera generación quien se encarga de dirigirla.

«Desde que tengo uso de razón, Wacker Neuson siempre ha formado parte de nuestra flota de máquinas».

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  • Success story from Germany


    The construction company Bogatzki in Münster, Germany

    Arthur Bogatzki GmbH & Co. KG is a road construction and civil engineering company headquartered in Münster, Germany. It was founded by Arthur Bogatzki in 1935 as a young road architect and today is being continued in the third generation.The Bogatzki company has always employed Wacker Neuson products in its own operation and appreciated their advantages: "My staff are simply pleased with the machinery. Take the vibratory plates, for example, which run on soil and on wet soil but also work well on gravel surfaces", explains Arthur Bogatzki, Managing Director. Yet, he is not only impressed by the products, but also the services, in particular the local support. "If there are any issues, the customer service is immediately on-site and takes care of pending problems. Because of this, employees are actually always more than happy to work with this equipment. These machines are always the first to leave the yard", adds Arthur Bogatzki.The company operates in the area of road construction but also in civil engineering and in canal construction, where they have a long-standing experience. Besides, the company offers a wide range of services from consultation and planning to the complete implementation of building projects. For Bogatzki, the focus is always on high-quality work. This can be achieved through the perfect interaction of humans and machines, a good team as well as a mixture of modern equipment and indestructible classics - both of which Wacker Neuson can offer. Therefore, the manufacturer is represented with more than 20 products, among them vibratory plates, rammers and excavators at the Bogatzki company.Inspired by the advancement of the devices, the company recently started using Wacker Neuson vibratory plates with the compaction control Compatec. With Compatec, the operator can see via an intuitive display when he has compacted enough. "People understand how this works; they know how to use it. The machinery is easy to operate, and naturally we place great value on this", explains Arthur Bogatzki. The Bogatzki company is open for innovations and has recently tested the new Wacker Neuson battery rammer AS50e on a construction site.Arthur Bogatzki sums up the cooperation with Wacker Neuson: "Wacker Neuson has actually - for as long as I can remember - always been part of our stock of machinery equipment. When it came to compaction work in trench applications, the 'Wacker rammer' was always the unit. This was always the case, and it's no different today."



India: Calidad fiable e ingeniería alemana

Sobha es una empresa de la India dedicada al sector de la construcción desde hace más de diez años y cuenta con más de 3.000 empleados permanentes. Muchos de los productos de Wacker Neuson, especialmente del sector de la tecnología del hormigón y de la compactación, se utilizan en la obra día tras día.

«Cuando te decides por Wacker Neuson, significa que recibirás productos de alta calidad alemana. Y no solo eso, los servicios también convencen por su fiabilidad alemana».

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  • Success story from India

    Reliable quality and German engineering
    "When you make the decision for Wacker Neuson, it means that you will receive products with high German quality. Not only this, but also the services convince with German reliability", says Vijainanand Subramanian, Sen. General Manager at Sobha Ltd.Sobha is a company in India, which is active in the construction business since more than ten years and has more than 3,000 permanent employees. Many of the Wacker Neuson products, especially from the range of concrete technology and compaction are in use on the construction site day in, day out."With the products of Wacker Neuson, downtimes have become a loanword on our construction sites. And however, in case we need urgently a new machine or have a machine to repair, Wacker Neuson reacts fast", Subramanian reports further. Wacker Neuson offers an immediate availability of spare parts, professional trained service team, which also comes directly to the construction sites and the employees are reachable every time.In collaboration with dealers, Wacker Neuson offers a comprehensive sales and service network in India and is with this nationwide represented for its customers. "With the sales of our first product, we can be sure of completing businesses with the customer in future", explains Ulhas Rao, General Manager of Wacker Neuson dealer Powertools and Tackles in Bangalore. One of his customers, the company Suvilar works from the beginning on with Wacker Neuson and has many products on its construction sites in application. "They add a great value for the company, the operator and therefore also our clients", says Shivakumar K R, Vice President at Suvilar.